What’s in Our Name?

Our 28-month old toddler went beyond her scheduled sleeping time tonight because she went beyond the usual number of books we read aloud at night. She usually sleeps at 730pm after I read aloud to her 2-3 books but tonight was kinda different. She wanted to talk about 6 stories so we ended hitting the bed past 8pm.

I was supposed to do something at 9pm but I was shocked to see the time when I checked. It says 11pm. That means, I dozed off unplanned…. which leads me to my post today(or this dawn).

There are many aspects in this business that came unplanned and that includes its name for the following reasons:

  1. I didn’t expect that the business I’ll be pursuing full-time will be baking-related, or buttercream icing-related to that matter. I like creating and selling stuff but I was never a natural baker. I tried start-ups before like making bead accessories, souvenir postcards and keychains, sewing bags, making polvoron and many others but all of them didn’t work. One thing I knew back then, I dreamt of having my own craft business but I just didn’t know it was.
  2. I was a trial-and-error kind of person then so I was really ready that if this thing won’t work, I will find another niche.
  3. Building the structure of this business that soon in 2016, like having a page, formal name and all, was really not something I thought about. It was my mom’s suggestion.

So how I came up with the name? BUTTER DREAM COUTURE CAKES & CUPCAKES

Discovering the beauty of floral cupcakes was something I did not expect too. I saw a bunch of floral cakes and cupcakes on YouTube after seeing a video on Cake Trends and I thought to try piping some flowers. I was faced by my first challenge: my icing was either too stiff or too soft to be piped. I tried other kinds of icing – swiss meringue, royal icing etc but at the end of it all, I decided buttercream was the best one I can make within my means. From that time on, I decided the name should be a megaphone that shouts about our niche — that is, Buttercream Icing. And most importantly, the ingredient that we can’t live without — BUTTER.

Among the names I thought about:

  • Buttercream Surprise (because I originally thought of specializing floral cakes and cupcakes as surprise gift ideas but that’s not really the case now)
  • Butterly Good
  • Lovely Butter
  • Butter-ful Beautiful

However, not one of them really impressed me that time. Yes, I thought hard about them but they don’t have that much deeper and more personal impact on me so I gave myself more time to think. Until one day, a great leader and friend lent me a book titled Dream and You Will Win the World. It was about unleashing my potential to realize a God-given dream. I truly enjoyed reading that book(it was from there I got so much encouragement to pursue this journey) and the moment I finished it, I decided that the name should always a reminder to me about a dream I once had some time in my life.

I had another round of names on the table:

  • Dreamy-licious Buttercream
  • Dreamy Butter
  • Buttercream Dream
  • Butter Dream
  • Butter-ly Dream

Among the above names, only BUTTER DREAM sounded pleasing to. It’s easy to pronounce and remember, right? The moment that name came crossed my mind, I already knew it was it.

Although, sometimes it creates a little confusion like a couple of our customers say “Kamo man tong sa ButterCream Ma’am noh?” Then we answer, “No ma’am, our name is Butter Dream but we use buttercream icing on all our cakes.” Then another answer, “Ah okay, ButterCream lagi.” Of course, we forgive them because that means we have been successful in letting most people know that we are forerunners of the traditional buttercream icing. We receive inquiries about making fondant cakes from time to time but sorry we’re not sorry, we only use buttercream icing for now.

Couture Cakes & Cupcakes is a phrase used by most of world’s famous cake designers. The phase means to say creating delectable sweets especially customised for a certain person. They don’t make exactly the same cake twice. That means, every cake is unique. Although we haven’t reached up to that level, I guess you already know where we’re heading? With God’s grace, that is our vision, to have our own Cake Boutique one day.

When this journey started, I never really had much expectations because I had lots of start-up failures in the past. Although I make sure I do my homework by studying and all, the best thing I did for this venture was to start working out on my one and only plan — Surrender to God and allow Him to unfold things one after the other. Up to this day, that plan never failed. He always delivers.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Romans 12:2

ps. Our name was created way back before marriage so I never had a chance to consult my boyfriend then, LOL. But I knew he would love whatever I choose. He loves me too much to resist.

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