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In Between Life and Baking

Before I became a baker-enterprenuer, I am first a:

  • Woman saved by God
  • Wife
  • Homeschooling Mom
  • Reader and Writer
  • Traveller
  • Succulent Farm Owner Wannabe

When Butter Dream community started to grow, I badly wanted to put our journey in a capsule and give one to each Butter Dreamer with the aim that they learn and be inspired. Our journey is no joke, both home-based parents with a toddler running around, and it would be an honour to document it nonetheless. Ultimately, I dream to publish a book . So while I believe every penned word is a step closer to that dream, I hope you journey with me through this blog. Writings here go around most of the things I love – family, business, work at home, baking, books, travels, gardening.

Lots’a Love,

Sandy (Co-Founder of Butter Dream – Couture Cakes & Cupcakes)

What’s in Our Name?

Our 28-month old toddler went beyond her scheduled sleeping time tonight because she went beyond the usual number of books we read aloud at night. She usually sleeps at 730pm after I read aloud to her 2-3 books but tonight was kinda different. She wanted to talk about 6 stories so we ended hitting the … Continue reading What’s in Our Name?

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