Cake Fiesta Manila – Day 2

It was an overwhelming eye-opener kind of day for us. The events expanded our horizon from a baker and entrepreneur’s perspective. Not only that, it made us realize how wide we can explore in both our baking craft and business . We attended a couple of baking demos yesterday. We’re giddy excited to apply them and introduce products on our bakery online shop: Coo-Kinah’s.

On another note, our cake decorating spirits were stirred up by the different competitions we saw.

Cake War – Buttercream Category 

Each team was given one hour live to decorate a 2-layer dummy cake based on chosen Mother Nature Theme(announced on the same day, too) and we were at awe how buttercream can do so much wonders. I mean, we are already amazed with how versatile the simple buttercream that we use on our cakes, but the designs made by the teams yesterday were far way A-AWESOME!

A Vietnamese team led by Ngoc Tran Lam bagged the Buttercream Champion title with this piece! I mean, “Wow, they did this within an hour? Or… is this even buttercream?” I mean, LOOK.AT.THOSE animals and butterfly. Indeed, such an amazing skill. If this is not excellent piping for you, then I don’t know how you call this.

Cake Display Competition

The display area was finally opened to be roamed around, I think the judging was done then. Though I really had a hard time framing all the beautiful cakes because of the space, I managed to get photos of the ones that captured me. Or at least, the ones where i conveniently can take photos of.

These cakes were transported from different provinces of the Philippines, or even from different countries(I heard there was an entry from China). I wonder how they struggled with the logistics and all. But yes, their determination is impressive. Winners will be announced. Hopefully, I can get a good photo of the winning cakes.

Enjoy your Sunday!

ps. I will try to sneak in some writing time at the airport tonight before we fly home to Cebu. See you when we’ll see you!

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