Cake Fiesta Manila – Day 1

Many times I asked myself if baking was really for me. Last time I checked, I really didn’t do well on the kitchen – recipes fail more often than not and I didn’t get the tastes I intended to get. (Don’t ask me about the husband’s baking skills, he is the reason why our cake business is thriving.) Anyhow to continue… I needed inspiration somewhere and I’m glad the Philippines’ first International Cake & Bake Expo happened this time of the year – Cake Fiesta Manila!

It’s not all the time we see cakers that we only used to see on Youtube channels. But yesterday, we were rubbing elbows with some of them.

Of course, it was a delight to meet the duo who introduced me that a cake empire can be made with the most often underrated(but now justified) Buttercream icing — Christina & Valeri of Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes. I believe they pinned history in the world of Cake Art. And oh, thanks to them for pulling off such a brilliant of brining international cake artists to our country. It is indeed a pleasure!


Such a highly-spirited, genuinely joyful and passionate caker, Rosie of Rosie Cake-Diva was among the cake wars host who brought the audience very well. Plus, her stage demo of her famous boot cake was ecstatic. Key take-away: Make a cake that’s hardly duplicatable. Meaning, the more customized and more personalized design, ALWAYS THE BETTER!


Equally incredible cake artists, Dot Klerck and Margherita Ferrara judged the Cake Wars Individual Category. I must get a photo with them today.



We bought the Php2,000 VIP Tickets that granted us the following:

  1. Loot bag with a box of La Sucre Lab Brownies, a pen from Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes, 2 colors of metallic dust powder, a Happy Mug Mud Pie, some Goldilocks sweets.
  2. VIP Lounge set up with Tables and Chairs at the front of Cake Wars Competition(an hour cake decorating contest) – with unlimited snacks and water, too!
  3. Priority seats at the Sweet Stage Demos

Specific exhibitor’s that I inquired yday because we use their products:

  • RM Boxes – products are sold at the same prices that they sell at their store but they provide their free planners at much lower purchase price. I heard they only give it at Php3,000 purchase at their store, but if we purchase at the exhibit, they will give us a planner at Php1,000 purchase.
  • Cake & Supplies by Ximena – THIS ONE! We’ll definitely visit TODAY. They’re selling color gels at 50% off of the usual prices we see on store.
  • Kessler’s – They’re selling their products at the same retail price we get at the usual stores in Cebu.

This is the list of exhibitors by the way:


Aside from the Cake Wars(live cake decorating contest), there’s also a Cake Display Competition which brought us nostalgia when we joined one of the same time last year. Here are the beautiful entries of 100 fellow Filipino cakers. Such an art!


We’re happy my mom joined the fun, too.


Today, we’re going to join more of the classroom demo’s and we will definitely watch the Cake War – Buttercream Category at 330pm. Watch out later as we might be going live on our FB page most part of the contest! Mark the time, 3:30PM! =)

More Cake Fiesta Manila infos here —> Cake Fiesta

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