if aint’ break, don’t fix it – not always applicable

Slack times are part of business. Times when one, or one’s daughter get sick. Times when internal matters couldn’t seem to be resolved. Times when one can’t get hold of inspiration. Times when one’s tempted to stay on low-key and just go with the flow. Times when one wonders if everything’s really onto the right direction. Times when one gets stuck and seems like nothing is moving forward.

Congratulations sister, you are a certified human being! You are craving for silence, you are desiring a rest. 

Being in business brings one into a rush of things – inventory management, orders management, bookkeeping, expansion, etc. And the acrid thing that usually traps an entrepreneur is missing the point of having an intentional healthy break. Everybody is used to “if ain’t break, don’t fix it.” To make that more personal, here is a rephrase: “if your soul ain’t break, don’t take a break.” 

Does one really have to wait to get burned out before taking that break? Come on, think about it.



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