No shortcuts because time is an asset in itself.

Delaying is chronic illness.

“I’ll do it later after an hour.”

“Oh, it’s okay, I still have time.” 

Then, one realizes it takes longer time to finish the job. So, one gracefully works around to finish everything in less than an hour. Grace under pressure, so to speak.

That’s one of the causes why a 1-layer cake collapses.  A baker skipped cutting the cake stacks even to catch up with the delivery time. She left the bulging parts per stack and decided to fill the huge gaps in between stacks with lots of icing. The stacks eventually slid during transportation resulting for the cake to divide horizontally.

Racing against time is suicidal in itself. It pushes one to cut processes short, to skip things that seem unimportant.

Grace under pressure is good. However, grace under self-made pressure(due to procrastination) is not.

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