A Big Gulp for a Wedding in 2020!

The thrill when one decides to take a leap is inevitable. But it’s a matter of decision. Either one stays or goes, gets stuck or moves forward, stays still or expands, remains looking at the view or flies.

Everyday, a business owner faces questions. Square or round packaging, small or big cake sizes, right or left, yes or no. And in all these decision-making crossroads, uncertainty is an accessory. Rather, uncertainty is a principal part.

Running a business is not for the frail heart. It takes toughness, boldness. It takes firmness in making quick decisions. It takes courage to pick pieces back when decisions fail.

Thus, at the end of the day, one must act according to what makes him/her sleep peacefully. In our case, we decided to pursue wedding cake artistry despite all disappointments and failures last year.

Ladies and Gentlemen, join us as we take a BIG GULP and book our first wedding for 2020.

Note: Blocked wedding dates and Holidays Schedule is found HERE. Make sure to book your weddings earlier. Enjoy the preparation, our soon-to-be Butter Dreamer Brides! 

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