Breaking(and Re-building) Mindset

I started Butter Dream not because I loved baking, but because I loved the idea of becoming a home-based business owner. When I offered cupcakes to my friends some time 2016, the taste was bland, icing was too sweet, icing was melting, floral designs were not sharp etc. Think of a sloppy cupcake, that was how everything it was. EXCEPT I placed them inside presentable boxes and created handwritten notes to our customer-friends. I guess that made everything looked good. BUT ever since the start, I acknowledged, “I’m not really a natural baker.”

All the more so when the husband started baking our cakes, all our taste feedbacks started becoming good, then better, then great. Then, I never baked any of your orders right after he took over our kitchen operations mid-2017. Yes, I haven’t really baked any of our cakes and cupcakes for almost 2 years now because I said to myself, “I’m not really a natural baker.”

Last week, I committed to break that mindset, enrolled in my own baking university to whip fairly easy recipes every week, and made my first Cheesecake Brownies. I committed to give myself another chance and to re-make what I think about myself: “I’m not really a natural baker, BUT I AM DETERMINED TO LEARN.”

Today, I ask for you to pause, recheck your mindset(and heart condition), and fill in the blank:  “I’m not really a natural ______________ , BUT I AM DETERMINED TO LEARN.”

Now, that’s what you call an attitude.

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2 thoughts on “Breaking(and Re-building) Mindset

  1. Hi San! I’m not sure if you still remember me but i am one of your customers. We ordered our wedding cake from you in Aug. 26, 2017 and since then I am always amaze of the cakes you posted in FB. We just transferred here in Davao and have my husband buy a La Germania Oven because i really wanted to learn how to bake. However, since i am like you “not a natural baker” i am easily discourage.
    Today, i came across your blog and was inspired “on giving yourself a chance”. I would love to learn as well your baby steps recipe. I hope to receive in my email. Thanks a lot! God bless you business! 😊


    1. Hello Glyde! Of course, we remembered because we wouldn’t reach where we are now without. oooohhh Woooowwww!!! We’re currently using our Lola’s 19-year old La Germania oven. that’s a very durable oven. i’m on the process of piling up all the recipes i’ve tried and hopefully i can come up with an ebook before the year ends. for now, you can google around for simple recipes and study. I’m excited to see you soar in the baking industry!


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